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a) Business access to rail commuters and neighborhood customers
b) Modular shop format with diverse retail mix
c) Partitioned shell and core retail space with flooring
d) Flexible Right to occupy term of three or five years with fixed fee
e) Fee inclusive of service and utility charges

Registration can be completed by visiting our retail webpage and providing mandatory information.

Application process comprise of four key stages:
a) Contact us
b) Conduct site visits
c) Submit Expression of Interest (EOT)
d) Receive formal feedback
Further details on the subject are available on our web page (Application Process).

Qatar Railways selects occupants based on the parameters such as:
a) Local market and business experience
b) Alignment to the envisioned retail mix
c) Proposed retail concept
d) Promotion of local small and medium enterprise (SME)
e) Integrity of of the submitted documents

The key obligations of retail occupant are outlined in the License Agreement document which shall be provided to successful applicants.

Technical and operational guidelines are included in the Fit-out Manual and Retailers Manual which shall be provided to successful applicants.

Cooking and preparation of food is strictly prohibited. Only warming/microwaving of food is allowed in the retail premises using electrical appliances.

a) Alcohol
b) Merchandise which may propagate a strong odour
c) Merchandise which may pose potential fire, safety and operational risks
d) Goods and services that are unlawful /illegal under the local bylaws

Successful participants will be notified on selection to commence the necessary formalities including:
a) Signing of agreement
b) Submission of security deposit and monthly cheques
c) Receive As-built drawings and welcome pack

Unsuccessful participants will also be informed about the application results accordingly.

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